About Us

promo model at eventEvent Promo Models is YOUR agency in Barcelona for all your staffing requirements regarding conventions, congresses conferences, events, etc. 

We are committed to bringing you the best possible promotional and events related staff. The people we hire are professional, attractive, energetic, outgoing and able to interact with your targeted markets. We are eager to build upon your brand image through positive interactions.

We realize that a quick positive interaction is just as valuable as a long, detail-oriented experience. We maximize all exposures with talented individuals who dress for success, who are educated about the products or services being offered, and who are provided within your program budgets.

We staff programs large or small. We provide promotional ambassadors and specialists for a wide variety of programs.


No matter the event, we strive to provide not only the best brand representation available but the best brand experience imaginable.


We are focused on providing outstanding, educated and talented individuals and teams who understand the significance of brand and image-building campaigns and initiatives. We work directly with companies and corporations, as well as their advertising, marketing, communications and public relations agencies. We have represented many of the world’s leading businesses in a wide variety of arenas. We are considered an extension of these companies’ staff. We never wish to promote ourselves. Instead, we rely on the successes our campaigns deliver to our clients and hope that our results provide reasons for our clients to brag about their positive experiences with our organization and team members.

Event Promo Models is committed to its clients and will always deliver the highest quality, results-oriented services, whether tangible or intangible. We are recognized not only as a leader in our industry, but we are also an innovator of services that go above and beyond our clients expectations. Our objective is to produce results that directly and positively impact our clients’ business purposes.

We believe in rewarding creativity, talent, professionalism, insight, teamwork and honesty. We do not make promises we cannot keep. And we strive to always deliver more than we promise our clients. With that said, we realize our services and teams are retained to execute some of the most difficult marketing campaigns ever developed. We will always treat an easy, one-person promotion the same way we execute a multi-location, large staff, and complex program, regardless of income earning potential. When we sign our names to an agreement for services, we realize we are extending our reputations to that client as well. We promise to achieve the most ambitious goals if properly identified. We also promise to stay focused and on point for our clients sake and benefit.

Finally, we believe in old-fashioned, conservative virtues. We will not promote or create a brand image that we feel betrays the values of society. If a product or service is deemed to be unfit, unhealthy or potentially harmful to our society, our company and its employees will respectfully decline to submit a bid to compete for the opportunity to market those products or services.